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Don't read this if you have not gone through MKX Storymode and have any plan to eventually.

Also Don't read this if you have not gone through MKX Storymode. Okay, you have been warned.

So, Wow, best tv/movie production ever having to do with MK goes to the cinematics of MK X (and MK 9). When last we left, MK9 took place in an alternate mix of the first 3 games in which Raiden royally fucks up history even worse then before while trying to prevent the coming Armageddon. The end of MK 9 leaves most of Earth-Realm's defenders dead and their souls under the power of Elder God Shinnok and his loyal sorcerer Quan-Chi. MK 10 remixes it further, overlapping the time periods of MK 4 and Deadly Alliance. Since Liu Kang is already dead (and Shang Tsung may also be, since he is not even really mentioned in the story), there is no need for a "deadly alliance" between Tsung and Quan-Chi. Also with Shao Khan dead, Outworld is now under the rule of Kotal Khan. I actually like Kotal Khan a lot more then Shao Khan, the Aztec look is really kool, but I'm curious where Reiko is? I keep hearing his name.

Now a big spoiler is that the last two games have witnessed something 1-8 did not, finalizing deaths to iconic characters. MK 9 killed off Shao Khan. His place is then contested by Mileena and her tarkata. Then Newcomer D'Vorah rips out Baraka's heart and brain, and later vomits a swarm of flesh-eating bugs into Mileena's face officially ending them both, no magical rebirths for them. Quan-Chi also finally falls at the blade of his original revenant Scorpion, a now reborn Hasashi Hanzo. Bringing back the Shirai Ryu was an interesting twist, but like Cyber Sub-Zero, I know people will be missing their badass spectre of revenge, so he will just have to die again somehow. The death that saddens me most, Sektor is killed (off screen) and his vision for a cybernetic army extinguished. (Cyrax remains MIA, not officially dead and I'm guessing could still be uncyberized and align with special forces as before in the next game). I still maintain that Sektor was cybernetic and could have easily stored his consciousness inside a machine. If his consciousness got online he could still add the Tekunin in a sort of Skynet story arch which would be awesome. However, the way the current story seems to be heading, I'm not certain the cyborgs will ever return :(

I HATE the special forces, and I cannot stand that not only did Jax come back to life, and Johnny and Sonya both made it through, but now there are offspring that are not all that different from their parents cluttering up the roster. The Parents need to be retired.
In the end I knew Shinnok was not going to be victorious, but did it have to be a goddamned Cage? with that glowy greenshit only just now explained in the 10th installment. I've been wondering for years how a douchey moviestar got magical green glow powers. Oh so he descended from a dontgivafuck HATE CAGE, FINISH HIM.
The story ends in the Defiance period with Raiden right back in the place he was trying to avoid ending up, fed up and fallen to the darkside. Smoke barely makes an appearance, but barely an appearance is better then being killed off..again. Smoke now just calls himself Enenra, meaning the personality of "tomas vrbada" whatever has been erased and only the demon entity remains. He is now under the charge of evil Raiden who has taken possession of Shinnok's amulet, and left Shinnok's severed but immortal head to choke for eternity of the sky temple floor, "a fate worse then death". I wonder if that means Raiden is the master villain now, and Fujin would take his place as the good elder god. Or will Onaga the Dragon King still make a return? Would they dare bring back Shujinko?...

In conclusion, as much as I hate that all my favorites are dead or missing now, and hate earth special forces, it was still very enjoyable to spend a few hours in these realms again, with the familiar characters, as well as the best line up of NEW additions since MK3. I already can't wait to see what they come up with next.


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